Functional Prodrome in Migraines–from the article

Link to the article that does not seem to work on FB. Please click here to read it. Sorry about the inconvenience.

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I Published 2 Years Ago–New Researchers Claim to Be the Founders WOW!

Plagiarism is a crime!

A study to be removed: authors claim their findings is the first in the discovery that dietary sodium intake is inverse to migraine pain. Meaning the lower the salt consumption–as per modern USDA and medicinal recommendations, the higher the migraine.

I published this 2 years ago in a book, and since then in two academic journal articles here and here (grrrrrrrr this journal sire crashes a ton lately!).

Plus I have already been using the findings for two years under the name Stanton Migraine Protocol® which is a registered trademark and has been treating thousands of migraineurs using my findings of several years ago.

I have demanded the withdrawal of that journal article for at least the correction of removal that they are the first to find this since that is not true and they need to update their citation and cite the original founder, which happens to be me!

Science is a dirty business and it is getting dirtier by the day!

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Grains and Migraine


I have just published an article Those Evil Grains: Gluten Free Versus Grain Free that you really should read. Eating gluten free can be worse for your health than eating gluten, provided you are not a Celiac. However, eating grain free can be a life (and migraine) saver! Although the article is not specifically tailored to migraineurs, I am amending it here now so you can see the connection.


Grains are high in carbohydrates and if you are on the Stanton Migraine Protocol® then you know that carbohydrates are trouble for migraineurs. If you are not yet part of the followers of the Stanton Migraine Protocol® then you should be! It prevents all migraines. But back to grains. Grains have extremely high carbohydrates plus they interfere with nutrient absorption, causing a double whammy for migraineurs. Please note I am not talking gluten free but grain free. To find out the difference, please read the article, because there is quite a bit of confusion out there today!


Did you think that buckwheat was wheat or grain? Wrong… some names simply make no sense. How about seeds, like sunflower seeds that are called “oil grains”? Do you think they are grain? Or is that just a term used to define a stock market commodity and it has nothing to do with grains?

What about quinoa? Do you think it is grain? It is not. It is a super food high in many nutrients but if you are a migraineur, it will cause a migraine unless you follow the Stanton Migraine Protocol® in which case I teach you how to eat it to not cause migraine.

Read the article and see how it may change your life! And then contact me to improve your health and life and to prevent your migraines.

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What Are Migraine Prodromes? You Think You Know?


My latest academic journal article is published (pre-pub status but can already be read and shared). It defines what prodromes are. In general academic literature, as of prior to my publication, prodromes simply precede migraines but for no apparent reason. The only exception is aura that seems to be better understood. However, other prodromes are not understood and many prodromes are completely unknown.

In my new article Functional Prodrome in Migraines I redefine prodromes by showing their functions and purpose. My understanding of their functions comes from working with thousands of migraineurs in a Facebook group. While the group’s purpose for the migraineur members is to learn how to become migraine free, their talk with me helped greatly my understanding of the various prodrome types and what those prodromes mean.

This in turn helped me identify the best migraine prevention methods without the use of any medicines. A couple of previous academic journal articles I published explain various elements of migraine.

One academic journal article explains Migraine Cause and Treatment with some revolutionary explanations based on scientific understanding of the cell and what it needs to be able to function in a migraine brain, which is anatomically very different from the brain of a non-migraineur.

Another academic journal article is connected to migraines but it is primarily a critique of how statistics used. Cardiology is its main topic, discussing the connection of increased dietary salt and the “related” blood pressure increase: Are Statistics Misleading Sodium Reduction Benefits? This article is very critical of nearly all research publications associated with salt and its connection to blood pressure. It is amazing to see how many scientists don’t fully understand the statistic results they receive and jump into conclusions that are completely erroneous.

I hope you enjoy reading all three articles and learn more about migraines. Then visit my Stanton Migraine Protocol® website and read the many testimonials. Migraine is not a disease but a condition representing a brain in energy crisis. No amount of medicines will solve the problem of an energy crisis but understanding what energy crisis means will help knowing how to fix it. Proper energy provided the right way aborts and prevents all migraines. The goal is to learn to recognize migraines prior to their start. Few migraineurs know how to recognize functional prodromes before migraine starts without training.

Please read all three articles and contact me with any questions you have.

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Salt Increases BP? Really?

Salt Increases BP? So does when I am hungry, or angry, or it is spring time!

My article (only a one-pager) on blood pressure and salt is finally out in print in a medical academic journal (abstract, entire paper). Why do we believe that salt has any significant influence on our blood pressure? This article debunks the myth and shows how easy it is to misunderstand (and misuse) statistics! I did not attack any single paper but I attacked all papers that in any way claim any significance.

As a migraineur, and if you are on my protocol, salt and potassium are important elements in your recovery. Over 4000 migraineurs have so far been treated completely successfully and not one had an increase of blood pressure as a result. In fact, many who had high BP ended up with normal–see the wall of testimonials.

So why is research finding that salt increases BP? Because the research is done wrong and the statistics misunderstood and misused!

Wrong Research Hurts People!

The paper is short but you will finally understand why research so far has been conducted wrong. The problem of misused and misunderstood statistics like this has misled entire nations! Now millions (billions perhaps) of people are placed on reduced salt diet with possible dire consequences because of the improper experimental and statistical methods.

However, I was able to show that the finding are not only wrong but even if they are right they are inconsequential and insignificant. We get a bigger blood pressure change when we take a deep breath or when we think of our next meal or are hungry. The findings are ridiculous.

Enjoy the fun I had with criticizing all research on the connection of sodium and blood pressure!

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Serotonin Syndrome: What Every Migraineur Should Know


Serotonin Syndrome: What You Don’t Know Will Kill You

I wrote a new article (partly based on emotions since the story is based on the death of my mother) so you will find typos.. so just ignore those and read the essence of the article: serotonin kills and migraineurs’ #1 medicine is serotonin.

All triptans are serotonin!

While 100% of the doctors can and will prescribe medicines with serotonin in them or SSRIs or SNRI or other variations that do not have serotonin but force the brain to make endless amount of serotonin, I have found none (in person) who actually knew how these drugs worked and what they do. I have found doctors who said things like “your mother cannot have serotonin syndrome because it is rare”… No it is not rare.. doctors who recognize it are rare!

Only 15% of doctor recognize serotonin syndrome. Those who do not know what it is, call it delirium. There is now also a new cause of death apparently, it is called hospital induced delirium. You find all these beauties that cluelessly represent serotonin syndrome in my new article Silent Death: Serotonin Syndrome.

Read it and share it!

Save someone’s life and push it under your or their doctor(s)’ nose and stand guard until they test and treat!

If untreated, Serotonin Syndrome is fatal! Always fatal! It is not a pleasant death! But what makes it even worse is how helpless relatives and friends are in the grips of our medical system where doctors are kings of prescriptions and pharmaceuticals are money-making machines of medicines and where the business is to give medicines rather than to treat people. Even pharmacies, that are supposed to catch interactive serotonin medicines, do nothing! Some even post now that they are not responsible for checking! Really? Since when?!

Please read the article and share–push it under your doctor’s nose. Let your doctor hate you but you stay alive! You hear?

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Migraine Cause & Treatment Explained by New Article


An article I wrote is in “Article in press” publishing on December 1st. Title “Migraine Cause and Treatment” in the Journal of Mental Health in Family Medicine.


Migraine Cause and Treatment

Background: Research shows that migraine brains have hyperactive sensory organs and multiple sensory receptor connections. Hyper activity of these organs needs extra supply of nutrition to support increased electrical activity. Today’s medicines reduce or prevent the functioning of these neurons by blocking essential voltage dependent calcium or sodium channel instead of providing nutrients. We asked: if we provide support for extra electrical activity of migraineurs, would it prevent migraines without the use of medicines?

Methods: We reviewed published literature and conducted research over 6 months studying 650 volunteer migraineurs in a migraine-research Facebook group. Participants were screened for migraine types, answered a questionnaire on medical conditions, medicines used, and lifestyle. They were provided instructions on the use of the migraine protocol and were evaluated weekly.

Findings: Migraine frequency appears to be exacerbated by carbohydrate-rich and salt- and water-poor diets and may be worsened by medicines that block voltage gated calcium or sodium channels. Stopping these medicines, reducing carbohydrates and increasing saline in electrolytes appears to prevent and/or stop migraines.

Conclusions: H2O and Na+ efflux from cells caused by glucose, electrolyte mineral (Na+, Cl, K+) ratio may be disrupted in carbohydrate heavy diets causing migraines. Changes to diet that include increased salt intake along with reduced carbohydrate intake appears to prevent glucose induced electrolyte changes which then decreases migraine frequency. In the present study, all participants who made these dietary changes were able to eliminate migraine medications and remained migraine free.

Enjoy reading the full article! I hope to elicit more than usual turmoil since this article goes against all conventional migraine treatments but it actually works and there are no medicines involved. 🙂

Comments are welcome as always!


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Big Pharma, Medicines, Migraines, and The Truth!

 – Press Release!

A most recent article in the Scientific American MIND piqued my interest since it sings the same tune I have been singing for years. It is very appropriate for migraineurs to read, particularly the end where I summarize what migraine  is and how to find more true information out about it. By true I mean one that needs no medicine since migraine is a symptom and not a cause. I discovered the cause–it was easy. I too was a migraineur. It is a special brain. Learn all about it in the article on my blog.

That blog is meant to ridicule the current healthcare system, that has no intention to cure anyone. Healthy people mean a death sentence to the disease management industry, namely the pharmaceuticals, the hospitals, insurance companies, and doctors.

Health makes no money; disease does! 

I am an advocate to those who need my help in opening their eyes to the many wars we have to fight against being taken advantage of. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I ma simply a scientist who can see what is happening with disease management: managing a disease makes money. Curing it does not. It is simple.

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Levaquin, Cipro, & Avelox Lawsuit Press release!

Read the full story here:

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Water Challenge, Clear Urine, & Migraines

“Drink more water” is as old a statement as humanity.

Not too many people know what that means and how dangerous that can be. Even TV show hosts, who are doctors, call for clear urine as the goal. The general population is following whatever this Dr. says on TV even if it is dead wrong. Pun intended.

Clear urine can lead to death. I bet you did not know that!

Urine has a reason to be colored. It takes toxins out of our bodies and toxins are not transparent. A healthy urine is light yellow that you can see through and smell like… well… healthy urine! Not like water. Why is clear urine bad for you? Can too much water hurt you? How and why?

First, let’s look at what urine is and why it needs to have color: urine is used water from our cells that contains toxins from leftover medicines, vitamins, foods, whatever the body used and considers trash or whatever it could not use and considers harmful. Thus urine has a biologically very important function! Clear urine implies that the body is not working! If urine is too dark, it means that there is not enough water to wash all the toxins out so one better drink more water. But how much water? And how does water get to clear toxins?

Cellular biology tells us that cells have little pumps that allow certain nutrients inside, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, glucose, etc. Water can go through little water channels that need no pumps. Water flows wherever there is less water by osmosis, via the osmotic gradient such that if inside the cell there is more water than outside, water will leave the cell. If there is more water outside than inside the cell, water will head inside. It balances to equalize the two sides in water. In order for it to stay stuck in either side, something must grab a hold of it. It is also important to note that water goes in and out freely because it has no electric charge. But other elements inside the cell, such as sodium, which is positive, cannot use the osmotic gradient. They need electricity to be pushed against density!

Inside the cell sodium (Na+) holds onto water thereby keeping the cells nice and plump–volume hydrated. However, the more water a person drinks, the more water will also enter the inside of cells because of water’s osmotic balancing. Each cell has a certain size that is flexible but not the cells in a person’s head! There is a bone (skull) that encloses all cells and so cell size is limited. Drinking too much water thus puts pressure on the skull. The skull is bone and has no pain sensors. The brain has no pain sensors either. However, there is a little layer of tissue called the meninges that is between the skull and the brain. All brain pain sensors are on the meninges, which is squeezed to death by the pressure of the water building up in the brain, pressing the brain against the skull. This causes headaches and for those who are migraineurs, migraines.

There is another problem, which is called hyponatremia. “Hypo” means not enough and “natria” means sodium (Na+). As more and more water enters the cells, less and less sodium is available to grab water and keep water inside the cells. This ends up in a potential fatal condition of hyponatremia. Sodium has a vital role in brain and other cell health. Sodium is positively charged and is part of sodium chloride (salt) in which chloride (Cl-) is negatively charged. Sodium is inside the cells and chloride is outside. The two create voltage differential such that the cells are able to generate voltage power to function.

Hyponatremia thus also means lack of enough voltage and so the brain and other cells (heart for example) that use voltage stop producing voltage and cell death may follow. When a person goes this far, it becomes known as water toxicity! It is particularly dangerous for athletes since hormones participate in preserving fluids, placing a block to fluid release, thereby further increasing hyponatremia. It is not unheard of that athletes die from too much water; it is also not unheard of that water challenge participants also die of water toxicity. What is less known is that hyponatremia is also responsible for migraines.

Migraine brains have more sensory neuron connections than regular brains and so they use more voltage to run the brain. More voltage use requires more voltage need! However, since the standard of salt intake heads to the “lower is better” dogma, migraineurs pay the price! No wonder we have a migraine epidemic!

So how much water should you drink? And how much salt and other electrolyte minerals/nutrients should you also take a day?

There are a variety of water calculators on the internet. In general the recommended water intake in ounces is half your weight in pounds. So if you weigh 130 lbs, your water intake should be 65 oz or 8.125 glasses of 8 oz water. But this is not totally correct.

Weighing 130 lbs in 120F with 90% humidity, or weighing 130 lbs in -40F with 10% humidity or after a heavy exercise or a sick-day with diarrhea will each lead to a slightly adjusted water intake. A person weighing 130 lbs in 7000 feet elevation needs more water than the same person at sea level! There are many variations. But at least you have a guideline: half your weight in ounces is the minimum you must drink every day in pure water and must also replace salt loss.

Soft drink, coffee, tea, milk, soups, alcohol, smoothies and shakes do not count into this!!! Be aware that water is water and not coffee–coffee is blood vessel constricting and it prevents water from entering your cells. Tea is diuretic (all teas! Even herbal!). All the rest are sugar filled even if you do not add sugar–alcohol is fermented sugar too. The only thing that may matter is soup but how much soup do you eat a day?

What about salt and potassium? The FDA guideline is 4700 mg potassium and between 1500 to 2350 mg sodium. Migraineurs need about 50% more sodium than non-migraineurs so if you are a migraineur, go for the 2350 mg to start with! That is one level teaspoon! If you eat less salt or drink less water, you will get a migraine if you have a migraine-brain, guaranteed!

When you get a migraine, contact me!

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